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Emma Louise Benwell (MS MOLLY) BIO

Emma Louise Benwell (Born September 1981) a British Soul Singer who has been  singing on stage since she was 6 years old.

In 1994 Emma was presented with a recording contract opportunity. The project was a Britney Spears style Pop Project. Emma went on to writing songs of her own and featured on many tracks with up and coming artists and producers such as RYO PRODUCTIONS & CELLARDORE. Finally, Emma released a song on UNSIGNED TV called DEAR MAMMA written for her Late mother TINA EGAN. 

Emma’s first live performance was in her mid-20’s when she was offered the Lead Singer role for a 1930’s Valentines event for BOUTIQUE AMOUR at the SHOREDITCH. She was invited as a special guest to perform at CAMDEN ROCKS OPEN MIC and continued to perform at events & festivals such as CHILLED IN A FIELD , ZEE FOOD FESTIVAL., GOLBRONE ROAD FESTIVAL, QUEEN PARK SUMMER FESTIVAL, ST ALBANS PEACE DAY FESTIVAL and E-MERGE ARTS FESTIVAL.

Majorly influenced by Mary J Blige & Lauryn Hill, Emma formed her own band in 2015 and over the years began performing  with some excellent musicians in Places such as THE MAU MAU BAR, VENN STREET RECORDS, NORTHCOTE STREET RECORDS, OLD STREET RECORDS AND MRS FOGGS with her Motown, Soul & Funk  band travelling across the UK. to perform, While writing songs of her own and being creative with her fellow musicians. She then went on to hosting a jam night for up and coming Artists on a Monthly Basis. 

Networking in this way opened many doors for Emma and in turn she met and performed with the legendary LEIGH HEGGARTY (RUTS D.C) and PATRICK MCCARTHY (KATRINA AND THE WAVES) and continues to meet and network with incredible musicians such as THE NOLAN SISTERS, one of the world’s bestselling girl groups from the 70’s and Christopher Andrew "CHRISTY’’ MOORE an Irish folk singer, songwriter and guitarist. He is one of the founding members of PLANXTY and MOVING HEARTS also IZZY B the DJ on DAVID BEDDINGFIELDS (I GOTTA GET THROUGH THIS).

Emma Joined THE ARTFUL KODGERS a five-piece Function band as the Lead Singer in 2018 which was formed by STEVE HOLLAND (DOUBLE DROP CLUTCH INVENTOR). The band has a good following and are of high demand for bookings. Emma is actively now the Lead Singer for Mad Molly Band, The Host for We Jam UK and  working on her first Album called ‘FROM THE SOUL’ and aims to release her first Single in 2020. 

A Musical Family

Emma's family were all very talented and very much involved in the music Industry.

Her Mother was in a  Rock band called 'If Only' who released an Album called 'No Bed of Roses' and in fact dedicated a song  to her daughters called 'A long way from home'

She was also in many other bands with some exceptional Musicians.

Her Uncle Rusty Egan was the drummer from the band 'Visage'

Her Grandparents were performers, one uncle a comedian another a  poet and musician and her sister and daughter are both singer/songwriters.

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