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Emma Louise Benwell (MS MOLLY) BIO

Emma Louise Benwell (Born September 1981) a British Soul Singer who has been  singing on stage since she was 6 years old.

In 1994 Emma was presented with a recording contract opportunity. The project was a Britney Spears style Pop Project. Emma went on to writing songs of her own and featured on many tracks with up and coming artists and producers such as RYO PRODUCTIONS & CELLARDORE. Finally, Emma released a song on UNSIGNED TV called DEAR MAMMA written for her Late mother TINA EGAN. 

Emma’s first live performance was in her mid-20’s when she was offered the Lead Singer role for a 1930’s Valentines event for BOUTIQUE AMOUR at the SHOREDITCH. She was invited as a special guest to perform at CAMDEN ROCKS OPEN MIC and continued to perform at events & festivals such as CHILLED IN A FIELD , ZEE FOOD FESTIVAL., GOLBRONE ROAD FESTIVAL, QUEEN PARK SUMMER FESTIVAL, ST ALBANS PEACE DAY FESTIVAL and E-MERGE ARTS FESTIVAL.

Majorly influenced by Mary J Blige & Lauryn Hill, Emma formed her own band in 2015 and over the years began performing  with some excellent musicians in Places such as THE MAU MAU BAR, VENN STREET RECORDS, NORTHCOTE STREET RECORDS, OLD STREET RECORDS AND MRS FOGGS with her Motown, Soul & Funk  band travelling across the UK. to perform, While writing songs of her own and being creative with her fellow musicians. She then went on to hosting a jam night for up and coming Artists on a Monthly Basis. 

Networking in this way opened many doors for Emma and in turn she met and performed with the legendary LEIGH HEGGARTY (RUTS D.C) and PATRICK MCCARTHY (KATRINA AND THE WAVES) and continues to meet and network with incredible musicians such as THE NOLAN SISTERS, one of the world’s bestselling girl groups from the 70’s and Christopher Andrew "CHRISTY’’ MOORE an Irish folk singer, songwriter and guitarist. He is one of the founding members of PLANXTY and MOVING HEARTS also IZZY B the DJ on DAVID BEDDINGFIELDS (I GOTTA GET THROUGH THIS).

Emma Joined THE ARTFUL KODGERS a five-piece Function band as the Lead Singer in 2018 which was formed by STEVE HOLLAND (DOUBLE DROP CLUTCH INVENTOR). The band has a good following and are of high demand for bookings. Emma is actively now the Lead Singer for Mad Molly Band, The Host for We Jam UK and  working on her first Album called ‘FROM THE SOUL’ and aims to release her first Single in 2020. 

A Musical Family

Emma's family were all very talented and very much involved in the music Industry.

Her Mother was in a  Rock band called 'If Only' who released an Album called 'No Bed of Roses' and in fact dedicated a song  to her daughters called 'A long way from home'

She was also in many other bands with some exceptional Musicians.

Her Uncle Rusty Egan was the drummer from the band 'Visage'

Her Grandparents were performers, one uncle a comedian another a  poet and musician and her sister and daughter are both singer/songwriters.

Family History


Tina Egan - Mother

Born in Limerick City, Ireland, Tina grew up in a large musical family.
Moving to London at an early age she first sang in her parents showband, an invaluable experience!

Later, encouraged by successful elder brother Rusty (The Skids, Rich Kids & Visage), Tina started mixing with his crowd on the London scene. Meeting the likes of Midge Ure and Boy George, Tina started to sing backup on many of Rusty's projects, the first being a re-working of the Zeppelin classic 'Whole Lotta Love'.

It was around this time, the mid 80s, that she first met and collaborated with song writer/producer Brian Marshall. Impressed by her obvious talent, he recommended her to the Q-Tips (Paul Young having left to pursue his solo career) and with Tina as vocalist, the reformed band gigged extensively.

Blue eyed soul music was not to her taste however and soon she returned to her musical roots singing with the Hellfire Club, a band sporting Brian Robertson (ex-Thin Lizzy), Paul Raven (ex-Killing Joke), and Les Warner (ex-The Cult). Extensive touring developed her vocal power and stage craft in countless venues and she was soon in demand for session work.

This led to her guesting on Bad Company's American top ten hit 'If You Needed Somebody' and their ''Holy Water'' album.

Feeling ready to step up a gear, Tina embarked on a solo career. Teaming up with Brian Marshall again to supply songs and production, they demoed more than an album's worth of material which complimented her emotive voice and stunning presence.                     


Rusty Egan - Uncle

Rusty Egan (born 19 September 1957  [1] in London) is the former drummer for the British new wave band Rich Kids.[2] They were founded by former Sex Pistol Glen Matlock (bass guitarist and backing vocals, occasional lead vocals), with Steve New (guitarist and backing vocals, occasional lead vocals) and fronted by Midge Ure (guitarist, lead vocals and occasional backing vocals and keyboards player),[3] from their inception in March 1977 to their disbanding in December 1978.  He continued working with Ure, and later collaborated with The Misfits, Skids, Shock, and Visage.[4]  However, Egan did not return to Visage when they reformed with a new line-up in 2004.


He was the DJ at Blitz, the influential New Romantic nightclub in London where he worked with Steve Strange from 1979 until 1981. Whilst there, he introduced German (Kraftwerk), Japanese (Yellow Magic Orchestra) and British (Eno, Ultravox, Landscape) electronic/synthpop to the British club scene, almost single-handedly putting together the soundtrack for the New Romantic movement.[5][6][7][8] Egan also owned The Cage, a New Romantic-era record store on London's King's Road. As the club grew in popularity, Egan began to be recognised as a central figure in London's nightlife.[9][10][11]  In 1982, he and Strange opened up the Camden Palace nightclub in London, where he continued to spread and influence the development of electronica in the UK.[12] For a time, he switched to producing records for many of the bands he used to DJ, including Spear of Destiny, Shock, Visage and The Senate. 

Egan was later brought back into his career as a disc jockey by the allure of the internet as a medium for sharing music. Presently, he works as a DJ playing and promoting 1980s style synthpop and electronic music. 

On 13 June 2008, Egan appeared DJing at the 'Big Top' as part of the Isle of Wight Festival.[13] 

Egan appeared alongside former Visage bandmate Steve Strange on makeover show Pop Goes the Band in early 2009 on Living TV. He had his teeth and hair drastically reconstructed as part of his makeover.[citation needed

Egan won the category for lifetime achievement at the 2009 London Club and Bar Awards.[14] 

In January 2011, Egan and Strange hosted Return to the Blitz, an evening's entertainment in the Red Rooms – on the site of the original Blitz Club long since refurbished for a mainstream clientele – with performances from Roman Kemp's band Paradise Point and electro punk artist Quilla Constance plus DJ sets from Egan himself.


Angel Mawlabaux - Sister

Her sensitive, melodic voice carries deeply heartfelt, thought-provoking lyrics, supported by a mixture of traditional instruments and electronica including violin, double bass, synths and percussion.

Born into a musical family, Angel grew up watching her mother and family perform as vocalists, musicians and comedians, joining them on stage from a young age and continuing to sing, play and perform musically in various groups, orchestras, choirs and bands throughout her formative years.

Angel’s musical journey froze for a while when she lost her mother aged 21 and through the shock found herself blocked and unable to sing or perform for seven years. Then, Angel started to feel the urge to sing again. It became strong, as though she needed to exorcise a part of her soul that needed to be free. She picked up the guitar, learnt a few chords, learnt a few songs, and began writing her own lyrics and melodies, which led her step-by-step through the process of unlocking her musical door and rediscovering her voice.  She went on to perform in and around London at various venues and festivals including HowTheLightGetsIn Festival, The Troubadour in Earls Court, Chilled in a field festival, The Elysian Project, Small World festival and the Original Songwriters Club.

In 2008, Angel released her first EP ‘Angel Song’ under her original music name ‘Angel Kelly’, adding it to Spotify in 2010. With delicate vocals against simple strings, these songs were authentic, beautiful and full of emotion. Later she released a second single ‘Less is more’ under the same name.

Following the birth of her first son, Angel moved to South East London and took a step back from music for a few years to grow her young family. In that time, she became fascinated by the psychology of childhood and parenthood, inspired by her own experiences as a child. In 2017 Angel finished three years at university as a mature student, gaining a first-class Bachelor of Arts in Childhood Studies, drawing on scholarship in anthropology, economics, history and sociology of childhood, literature, religion, philosophy and psychology. 

Now her creative flow has returned, and music has come back into focus as she nurtures this fundamental part of herself and finds healing, joy and clarity through her songwriting.



Paul Egan - Uncle

The Wrinklepickers play mostly country-style songs with close harmony vocals (please follow the links to hear some samples). The line-up can range from two to six musicians playing a mixture of original and cover songs. The number in the band will depend on the size of the room, budget and availability, but the core group is five who have been playing together for over three years and have released an album of original songs called ‘Scary Dreams’.

The focus of the band is on entertaining a crowd and providing a good mixture of songs to dance to. The individual musicians all have many years’ experience – hence the name! And we don’t take ourselves too seriously so you may hear the odd ‘silly song’. 

Since meeting at The Edinburgh Festival in 2000 Brian & Krysstal have entertained and delighted all kinds of audiences at comedy clubs, cabaret nights, festivals, corporate and private functions in locations far and wide.

Regular fixtures at The Edinburgh Festival for eight years, the duo have worked all over the UK as well as Germany, South Africa, Gozo, Spain, Denmark, Ireland, Australia and of course… Peckham.

Brian is infamously grumpy and deadpan, while his assistant Krysstal is glamorous but ditzy. The combination is unique and very funny. Their timing is exquisite, their humour dry and sometimes bawdy. 

Brian & Krysstal's first CD “Silly Songs” was recorded in 2001 and their long awaited second album “Spudcast” is now also available online.

Wherever they go their baggage goes with them, including several instruments (not always musical in their hands). Individually they have many years of experience in the entertainment industry, Brian as a musician and Krysstal as an actress in Australia.

Their unconventional vaudeville-style act is punctuated by silly songs, the odd bit of Spanish dancing LOADS of jokes and LOADS of belly laughs. They also run and compere their own club in central London. PEAR SHAPED COMEDY CLUB offers new (and old) comedians the chance to perform in a warm friendly non-threatening environment.

Brian and Krysstal are not averse to TV, radio or any other media performances. They write scripts and songs and have hosted corporate functions, private parties and are suitable for a wide variety of comedy-based events.

If you want something different and funny that stands out from the crowd – book Brian & Krysstal. If you want the usual stuff – book somebody else.

Krysstal aka Vicky deLacy is actually quite a good actress and has done lots of theatre and TV and stuff in Oz. Journey to Ithaca is the one woman play Vicky was performing at the Edinburgh Festival 2000 when she met Brian. They decided to merge their talents and a few months later Krysstal was born.            

They also ran their own weekly comedy club, in Central London every Wednesday                      with Anthony Miller, Jimbo and Al Mandolino at The Fitzroy Tavern in Charlotte street, London W1. Most of the time it was fun.          



Elise Benwell - Daughter

A 16 year old Unsigned Singer & Songwriter  from West London UK. Having grown up in a musically influenced family I was able to teach myself to play the guitar, ukelele & some piano. 

I have been actively musical for the past 5 years and I play in the style of alternative Indie/pop. 

Currently studying Music Performance at College while writing original songs.



Bernie & John Egan - Grandparents


Emma's Irish Grandparents performed as a pair for most of thier adult lives, while raising 7 children together. Her Grandad John played many instruments & was very talented.



Jean Benwell - Grandmother


Emma's Grandmother Jean was very close to her. She taught Emma to play the piano and even gave the piano to Emma in her later years. The family would regularly attend Jean's performances  and jean was very talented.