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Emma's Story

Emma Benwell was born in London in her family home which was full of life, love and music. Her mother was a singer and would often present her with opportunities to perform from as young as 6 years of age. Emma grew up with music being a very big influence in her life and began writing poems and songs of her own from her early teenage years. She was popular, fun, confident and very happy growing up.


Emma was born in her mothers bedroom, and was very close with her mother. She would sit and watch her mother get ready to go and perform and promise to never leave her. 

Of all the people in the world Emma's Mother was her biggest Inspiration. The way she would cope on her own, the way she would handle situations and the way she carried herself.

Emma wanted to grow up to be just like her mum!


Tina was a young single mother who pursued her career as a Singer. She would take Emma along with her to her gigs in local Pubs and Emma would sing a song or two.  usually a Sinead O'Connor song or Shania Twain . Emma was very nervous and would insist her mother remained on stage with her at all times.

Tina was in a number of bands including GIRL FRIDAY AND THE WEEKENDS and IF ONLY she was also featured in The Irish World newspaper as a GRAND FINALIST in A FEATS OF TALENT  - Voice of 94' competition. 

If Only


Voice of 94 - The Irish World


Girl Friday & the Weekends



Sadly Emma's Mother started to struggle in life and from the age of 14 Emma had a few years of trying to help her mother overcome her issues. But in 1994 when Emma was 17, her mother decided to take her own life and Emma was forced to move into a shared room in a hostel.

Emma's entire world was gone. her life, her friends, her best friend and she  was forced to start a new life. Within months of turning 17 Emma found she was expecting her first child and although she was young, this to her was a blessing, a miracle and this saved her life. Along came a beautiful baby boy.

Having settled and set up home, at 21 Emma and her partner decided to have another baby. A beautiful baby girl. Emma felt complete, her purpose in life was to raise these two children as best as she could.


Many years passed with Emma focussed on her family, studying Interior Design and learning to be happy and positive for her children.

Singing was no longer a thing for Emma, she had bigger priorities.

Unfortunately as hard as she tried, her relationship broke down and she decided to raise the children alone. She always made sure the children saw thier father and felt it was absolutely essential they have a good relationship.

Emma began working as a Custody Officer in order to provide for the children. the shifts were hard to juggle with two small children but she managed for a period.

Some months later Emma decided on a career in property and pursued this for the next 15 years, working upto management, having very nice cars and finally able to take the children on holidays.


But Emma started to feel incomplete, having been raised with music being such a huge part of who she was, she decided to record a demo - FAMILY PORTRAIT by Pink while on a Family holiday at Butlins.

Humble and uncertain of herself she shared this demo with friends and family. This led to Emma working with many producers, rappers & Singers which led to her recording her first official Video  WHAT YA GONNA DO.

Emma spent many years working in the studio, writing songs and promoting herself, from the age of 24 - 30, while studying and working full time. But found herself wanting more!


She decided to form a band! A Soul band called MAD MOLLY BAND. the children were ding very well in life, both studying hard, her son went onto University and Daughter , Music College so now it was time to focus on her real passion.

The band began performing all-over London for many years, writing songs and just Loving what they do. Emma was invited to join two more Bands THE ARTFUL KODGERS and THE UPSTAGERS to which she also performed regularly with.

After 15 years in the Property Industry she quit her job, and set up her own Property Company EMMA LOUISE BENWELL LTD which has done very well indeed. Emma also decided to take up an Accounting Qualification and a  Personal Training Qualification.


Through her Journey Emma had some failed relationships, she always found it hard to share her time and her heart away from her children. she struggled to let anyone in. Her children are her Team and to open up to anyone else would be difficult. 

Emma would always ensure her home was full of humour, love and laughter.

Giving the children not only guidance and direction, rules and boundaries Emma was very much about offering the children Experiences and helping them establish who they are and what they are about.


At 37 Emma is a Successful property professional, with two very focussed off spring and a balanced life of music, socialising and very supportive friends and family.

She is writing her Album due to be released in 2020 and is extremely excited about her future.